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Save the Date: 2023 BIF Research Symposium and Convention

July  3-7 • Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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BIF Releases Decision Support Tool for Beef Cattle Selection 

iGENDEC offered to support customized selection indexes for seedstock and commercial beef producers.

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2022 BIF Research Symposium and Convention

June  1-3 • Las Cruces, New Mexico

2022 BIF Symposium Proceedings

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BIF Selects New Board, Officers

Catalyst for Progress: BIF President Matt Perrier leads both BIF and Dalebanks Angus with professionalism, forward  thinking and perseverance.

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Seedstock, Commercial Producer Award Finalists Announced 

Young Producers Symposium & Pre-Tour to Santa Teresa Border Crossing – All invited and part of Symposium registration

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Updated Across-Breed EPD Tables Released

Across-Breed EPD Table & Improvements

2021 BIF Research Symposium and Convention

June 22-25, 2021 • Iowa Events Center, Des Moines, Iowa


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Focusing on What Matters: BIF President Joe Mushrush encourages producers to focus on producing efficient, sustainable beef


Updated Across-Breed EPD Tables Released

Across-Breed EPD Table & Improvements

2020 BIF Online Symposium June 8-12

The 2020 BIF Research Symposium and Convention was hosted on Zoom the week of June 8.

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Diligent Leader

Humility and gratefulness define 2019-20 BIF President Tommy Clark.

Beef Improvement Federation Releases New Guidelines for Performance Evaluation

Since its establishment in 1968, the primary purpose of the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) has been to bring standardization to performance testing and evaluation. In keeping with this mission, BIF is proud to unveil the latest version of its Guidelines for Uniform Beef Improvement Programs. After nine printed editions, the Guidelines have been reinvented in a web-based Wiki format, which can be found at

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BIF Guidelines

The BIF Guidelines revision committee has transitioned the traditional BIF Guidelines to an online, searchable WIKI format.

The BIF Guidelines Drafting Committee was initially selected by the BIF Board of Directors in June 2018, and given the mandate to redevelop the BIF Guidelines for Uniform Beef Improvement as a wiki. Members with a diverse set of experiences and knowledge were chosen to reorganize and refresh the BIF Guidelines book. Much in beef cattle improvement had changed since the last edition (9th). Technologies were rapidly advancing and it was recognized that accessing a larger community of stakeholders and experts would be more effective at keeping the Guidelines current. It had become clear to the board that a wiki format managed by the Drafting Committee, with oversight from the Board’s Guidelines Committee, and developed by the stakeholders, met these needs.

51st Annual Meeting and Research Symposium

Brookings, South Dakota • June 18-21-2019

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During #BeefImprovement19 the new WIKI (online, searchable) format is being discussed. You can view this new Guidelines format at:


11th BIF Genetic Prediction Workshop 

Kansas City, Missouri • December 5-6, 2018

Presentation PDFs || Preliminary proceedings


50th Annual Meeting and Research Symposium
Loveland, Colorado •  June 20-23, 2018

Proceedings:  PDF || Flipbook

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BIF Conference Website by Angus Media: Check out the website for synopsis, audio recording and other highlights.

Please enjoy this video highlighting the first 50 years of the Beef Improvement Federation and a look at what’s next for BIF.


BIF Celebrates 50 Years — Read this article highlighting BIF’s first 50 years.


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