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“The meeting was over …. groups of cattle people, some with Levis and Stetsons pushed back to reveal pale foreheads and some with the rumpled attire of a professor with collars unbuttoned and ties flapping, were in lively discussion over the day’s issues. All conversations centered on beef cattle performance … laughter punctuated the sometimes intense discussions among these people of the beef industry….”

― From Celebrating The First 25 Years

Founded in 1968, the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) is an organization dedicated to advancing and coordinating all segments of the beef industry. From the start, the BIF sought to connect science and industry to improve beef cattle genetics.

BIF Mission, Value and Core Strategies

Mission: Advancing the beef industry through genetic improvement.

Vision: Drive the improvement of efficiency, profitability and sustainability of beef production.

Core Strategy: Provide platforms for industry outreach and engagement. Provide uniform guidelines for beef genetic improvement. Foster the community of scientific advancements in beef cattle genetics.

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