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The Beef Improvement Federation is the story of how cow people can rally together to bring about monumental change in the beef industry. Join us, and see how the human touch and power of ideas can result in the development of technologies that better the beef industry as a whole.

Our mission is to observe the past, with objective clarity, so that the dust of the milling herds of today and the perceptions of the future, on which the industry must act, can be clearly seen.

The Beef Improvement Federation seeks to establish uniform procedures to regulate the beef cattle industry, develop beef improvement and quality management programs, encourage cooperation among all segments of the beef industry, educate BIF members and increase confidence in the economic potential of the beef industry that can be achieved through performance measurement and assessment.

To become a member of the Beef Improvement Federation, please fill out the following form or register digitally:

Breed Associations
> 150,000 Registrations/Year $600
75,000 – 150,000 $500
25,000 – 75,000 $300
5,000 – 25,000 $200
< 5,000 $100

State and Provincial Organizations – $100

Other National Organizations – $100

Associate Members – $100

Sustaining Members – $ 50

Regular (voting) members of this Federation will consist of those provincial, state, national and international organizations that are either actively conducting performance programs in beef cattle or are the certified organization which has been designated by the Executive Board to represent that given area.

Associate (non-voting) members of this Federation will consist of those national organizations that are not actively conducting performance programs but which have a principal interest in beef cattle as well as those public agencies which have a direct interest in beef cattle.

Sustaining members (non-voting) shall be those individuals who make a contribution to the Federation in the amount of $50 or more in any given year.

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