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Past Presidents

The Beef Improvement Federation would not be where it is today without the strong leadership and initiative of our presidents. Since our inception in 1968, to present day, the Beef Improvement Federation has continued to progress the beef industry through research and programs, propelled by the leadership of our presidents and executive board.

We are proud to present the past presidents of the Beef Improvement Federation and honor the work they have done for our members and the entire beef industry.

Joe Epperly2022-2023
Matt Perrier2021-2022
Joe Mushrush2020-2021
Tommy Clark2019-2020
Lee Leachman2018-2019
Donnell Brown2017-2018
Marty Ropp2016-2017
Craig Bieber2015-2016
Steve Munger2014-2015
Steve Whitmire2013-2014
Mark Cowan2012-2013
Larry Mehlhoff2011-2012
Ben Eggers2010-2011
Brian McColluh2009-2010
Tommy Brown2008-2009
Lora Rose2007-2008
Chris Christensen2006-2007
Lynn Pelton2005-2006
Jimmy Holliman2004-2005
S.R. Evans, Jr.2003-2004
Richard McClung2002-2003
Connee Quinn2001-2002
Galen Fink2000-2001
Willie Altenburg1999-2000
Jed Dillard1998-1999
Gary Johnson1997-1998
Burke Healey1996-1997
Glenn Brinkman1995-1996
Paul Bennett1994-1995
Marvin Nichols1993-1994
Jim Leachman1992-1993
Jack Chase1990-1991
Bob Dickinson1988-1989
Harvey Lemmon1987-1988
Henry Gardiner1986-1987
Gene Schroeder1985-1986
Bill Borror1984-1985
Steve Radakovich1983-1984
Roger Winn1982-1983
Jack Farmer1981-1982
Mark Keffeler1980-1981
James Bennett1979-1980
Martin Jorgensen1977-1978
Ray Meyers1975-1976
David Nichols1973-1974
Doug Bennett1971-1972
Clarence Burch1969-1970
Frank BakerInitial Chair

Bob Weaber, Executive Director

Animal Sciences and Industry
Kansas State University
227 Weber Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

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